Best Apps & Websites for Writers

Writers of all stripes are always on the lookout for online tools to help them manage their work more effectively, efficiently — and even with a dose of fun. We’ve scoured the Web to uncover some of the most ingenious apps and websites.  Please note: Although this presentation does not feature an oral narrative, see the  notes   for a greater explanation of the online selections featured in the video.







PR Often Surpasses Advertising

Pr-vs-advertisingMany companies choose to allocate many more of their marketing dollars to public relations — rather than advertising — particularly when budgets are short. Why? Simply put, public relations is quite cost effective while advertising is often prohibitively expensive. Learn how PR obtains results on a reasonable budget.

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Top Apps & Websites For Writers

AppGlobe_blackA recent presentation by Top Drawer Communications’ principal, a board member of the Independent Writers of Chicago — along with a colleague — highlighted more than two dozen stellar websites and apps guaranteed to make the writing life more productive while producing better results for clients. See the slideshow and accompanying resources.

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