Betsy Storm: “Tactfully Tenacious”

Betsy StormTop Drawer Communications Principal Betsy Storm applies a total-immersion approach to writing and public relations — one that achieves successful results for a diverse array of clients. A self-described and proud bookworm of a girl, this daughter of a newspaper reporter was fascinated with words and their origins and stories of all kinds (ah, the power of parental influence) from a tender age.

By age 10, Betsy discovered that words were her ideal conduit to discover what made people tick. As she polished her communications skills, she learned to develop her imagination, explore human nature, share perspectives, entertain, inform and — she hoped – share stories with readers in a way that would impact them positively and, perhaps, even spur them to action.

As a professional communicator, she quickly recognized the power of asking the right questions and then really listening for the answers. Earning her first newspaper byline at 18, she quickly discovered that the answers she sought often required decoding  — making them all the more fascinating.

Like most of her experienced peers, the power of story is Betsy’s professional engine.  Communicating with persuasion and authority requires an attention to detail, an endless sense of curiosity and a passion for language and lifelong learning – qualities she possesses in abundance.

Practicing the art of public relations requires creativity, organization, strong interpersonal skills, project management expertise, knowledge of media and markets, and a commitment to follow-up, follow-up, and more follow-up. (A favorite client describes her as ‘tactfully tenacious.”)

Betsy’s writing and public relations portfolio reflects all of these attributes.


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